WiFi Solutions

Wifi problem elimination

Are you looking for WiFi solutions to improve your home network? Do you have dropouts or areas in your house where you can’t connect to your WiFi? Thick walls? Dead spots?

Is the WiFi network in your home slow? Is working from home becoming a nightmare due to bad connections and drop-outs?

Or do you just need improved WiFi connections in your garden, garage or loft?

We can explore WiFi solutions that will help to improve or extend your WiFi connection for all devices that your family and home uses (Smart phones, and TVs, tablets, laptops, desktops, Satellite systems, CCTV …… ) by installing Ethernet cables and Access Points to optimise your network and banish poor WiFi and dropouts forever.

We will cause minimum disruption but ensure maximum improvement.

Modern technology can reveal WiFi problems

Call today to discuss your WiFi problems and we will work out the best solution, at the best possible price.